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Chario was founded in 1975 and are Italy's most experienced loudspeaker company. Chario's are hand made using bespoke transducers and cabinets comprising traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering.  


Vibration is the Villain 

Vibration is an asset for musical instruments but not for high end speaker cabinets. Cabinet vibration is lost musical energy and a source of distortion which manifests into Mondegreen

An amusing take on Mondegreen (Warning some rude content)
















Two Birds One Stone

Chario tackle vibrations via a combination of real wood & HDF, besides they finish well too.  


  • HDF (high density fibreboard) is a composite chosen for its isotropic properties (High Friction Losses). This means it disperses energy via fibers in all directions. The Belong range takes this further with Corian®, a man made stone. 

  •  Solid Walnut, sourced from sustainable forests in North-East Italy are jointed in dovetail slats for structural rigidity and for its orthotropic properties (lower losses). This means it disperses energy along its fibers which are in vertical directions.


When isotropic & orthotropic materials combine they disrupt and annul induced vibrations. Chario are thus able to preserve information that would otherwise be lost if only one material were used. BTW: the industry standard used by most manufacturers is one material. The second advantage is that real wood, unlike a veneer, can be jointed and shaped into very strong cabinets, with a finish and tactility second to none.


Chario Tweeters (treble)

  •  Neodymium magnets: world's strongest permanent magnet

  •  Soft dome: renders fine detail in a pure luxuriant way

  • Cross over ≤ 1270HZ (1500hz  Constellation): extra wide-frequency improves marriage with bass driver. 

  • No-Ferrofluid: reliable and consistant performace because there is no ferrofluid failure (leaking & congealing)

Chario Woofers (bass) 

  • Rohacell®: super light & strong means it is efficient and does not deform. (Cone deformation is a source of inharmonic-distortion)

  • PolyRing® magnets: small (neodymium) discs in a daisy formation around the voice-coil increases the air gap which cools the voice coil and prevents compression.

  • Full Apex® Cones: monocoque cone without an Apex hole and dust cap ensures bass transients are preserved.



Chario work in all rooms, regardless. Their tweeter and mid transducers are inverted and both port and bass are mounted at the bottom of the cabinet. Bass and mid are >1m apart, allowing large waves (bass) to propogate without disrupting vulnerable mid-detail. (Bass is notorius for this)


They are not fussy regarding placement and don't need a rear wall for bass reinforcement, because they use the floor a more predictable measurement. The distance between floor and bass are the same regardless of room type and can be relied upon for maximum, repeatable performance. 


Long story short: Chario's produce a dynamic, luxuriant 3D wall of sound with excellent timbres and colours that are repeatable regardless of room type. A better measurement for prospective customers is to know how they are received and Chario owners are very loyal and even formed a club. They are known to keep their speakers for decades which is why very few are available on the used market. This action speaks louder than words!

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