Ancillaries are a selection of products to complete a Chario speaker based stereo system. There are many brands and products that work well with Chario but herein lies the problem, because with choice comes confusion. To simplify choice I have selected some and classified them (Good, Better, Best), which should satisfy most. 



Come in 3 guises

Pre-Amplifier: It is more important than the power amplifier and therefor should be of a better quality. It is the control-amplifier so features the volume and tone controls.

Power-Amplifier: Is the component that provides the power.

Integrated amplifier: A one-box solution comprising both power and pre amplifier


Can make or break a system. There are only 2 conducting materials to be aware of and this includes the plugs. Copper is a better conducter than gold, rhodium, platinum, etc and silver is better than copper (so don't waste your money with gold, rhodium, platinum, etc plugs or cables). More important than the conducting material is the Dielectric. This is the jacket surrounding the cable that prevents short-circuiting. This greatly affects sound quality and air is the best material here, but impossible to implement 100%. Specialist cable companies go to great lengths to improve dielectric materials.


vibration can destroy a system, especially the electronics and vibration absorbing devices placed underneath the loudspeakers can absorb your loudspeaker's dynamics. A simple but very effective solution is to keep the electronic components in a seperate but nearby room to its loudspeakers. 



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