There are many brands and products that work well with Chario but herein lies the problem, because with choice comes confusion. To simplify choice I have selected some and classified them (Good, Better, Best), which should satisfy most. 



Come in 3 guises

  • Pre-Amplifier: Otherwise known as the control-amplifier and comprises the volume and tone controls.

  • Power-Amplifier: provides the power. 

  • Integrated amplifier: A one-box solution comprising both power and pre amplifier


Popular Amplifier Technologies

  • Class A - inefficient but OH SO GREAT sound quality. Considered by many as the best.

  • Class A/B - A more efficient version of Class A but suffers from crossover distortion. It's a mature technology and the best brands manage this Achilles heel well. 

  • Class D - Best possible efficiency. Sound quality has improved tremendously in recent years. 



Can make or break a system. There are only 2 conducting materials to consider, including the plugs. Copper is a better conducter than gold, rhodium, platinum, etc and Silver is better than copper (leave gold, rhodium, platinum, for fine jewellery). Other qualities to consider are the conducting material, the Dielectric. This is the jacket surrounding the cable which prevents short-circuiting. This greatly affects sound quality and air is the best material, but impossible to implement 100%. Specialist cable companies go to great lengths to improve dielectric materials.


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