Ancillaries are a selection of products to complete a Chario speaker based stereo system. There are many brands and products that work well with Chario but herein lies the problem because with choice comes confusion. To simplify choice I have selected one brand per ancillary with 3 varieties (Good, Better, Best) which should satisfy most. 




Is a Norwergian company established 40 years ago where they demonstrated that transistors can indeed sound better than valves. This was disputed at the time. They are recognized by discerning audiophiles, enthusiasts, industry professionals and some of the world´s major recording studios (Thriller - Michael Jackson, etc.). Every product is built in house using their unique technologies including floating transformers. More importantly is that they work very well as a system when partnered with Chario. 


Black Rhodium 

Are located in Derby in the UK Midlands and was formed in 2002 by Graham Nalty. They are well known for their innovation in cable design covering many technologies in order to bring you, our customer, closer to your music.


Chario & Atacama

Atacama began as a partnership in 1969 as a sub-contract engineering company specializing in high quality aerospace work to Rolls Royce, GEC and British Aerospace. 

From the very early days, it had always been their ambition to manufacture their own commercial product and in 1987 they began to develop an innovative design of Hi-Fi speaker stand. The initial reaction to the design from local specialist retailers was very encouraging and manufacturing began that year. It was quite clear from the outset that their design was different, it worked and moreso, were affordable.


They were soon awarded  BEST BUY, Hi-Fi Accessory of the year,  MUST HAVE PRODUCT, etc, etc. Atacama are still the go to choice for a cost effective, well performing, loudspeaker stand.



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