Gift IT!



There comes a time when you really and truly want to gift someone special with something extraordinary, perhaps to celebrate a milestone event, achievement, retirement, etc. 


You are not alone, your friends, family & colleagues feel the same way.


It's a great opportunity to join forces - it's very easy. ​


Nominate a representative way before the event  and introduce the recipient to our website. Play the Wishlist game where you send each other  3+ items of your dreams. Choose a wish from their list, based upon the size of the party, divided by a modest predicted contribution each.


We'll create a special product page with coupons that total the price of the gift (100 guests, so 100 coupons of £12 each to realise the price of a pair of Chario Lynx speakers) . We'll email, social media it to your party. Each member pays a visit, makes their contribution and posts a message. 

We'll print your messages in a card and present it along with your gift.

Milestone Event

A significant Birthday, Anniversary, length of service, etc. 


Reaching the summit or a seat which makes it inevitable.


Many friends, family & colleagues would be eager to contribute towards something this meaningful.