The Laws of Physics describe effects that occur when electricity flows through a conductor. All these effects change the flow of electricity in the wire.


When the wire carries an audio signal of your music, these changes can be heard as distortion to the music. And they spoil your enjoyment of your favourite music.


Black Rhodium engineers have discovered that there are at least seven Laws of Physics that affect the sound quality of an audio cable including conductor choice, insulation and its susceptibility to vibration and electrical interference.

To counteract these forms of audible distortion, Black Rhodium has tested many different solutions. Some are well known techniques used universally in cable design whilst others have been specially developed by Black Rhodium.

In many cases, Black Rhodium has employed two or more different ‘distortion busting’design techniques to reduce each type of audible distortion. These act complementarily to deliver greater freedom from distortion and enjoyment of music.


Very extensive listening tests have conducted and very many cable samples with small but significant differences in materials and construction have been auditioned. The hours of auditions have created a wealth of valuable design information. The end result is a cable that delivers outstanding sound quality and value for money.



Black Rhodium research demonstrates the benefits to music reproduction when all known types of cable distortion are minimised by design.

Listening tests carried out by Black Rhodium show a ‘Quantum Leap’ in musical quality when using a cable designed from scratch to minimise ALL types of cable distortion compared with a cable designed to minimise MOST distortion types.


In recent years, Black Rhodium cables have excelled in reducing MOST types of cable distortion and have won many ‘5 Star’ awards for their excellence. Our latest cables have been designed specially to minimise ALL distortion in cables and we are constantly amazed by the clarity and natural presentation of music.



POLKA CLASSIC has been developed from the successful FOXTROT / QUICKSTEP / WALTZ series of cables, just as the original POLKA, but with a different approach. Whereas the original POLKA had a much larger cable area and delivered a very powerful bass sound that was ideal for rock music. The POLKA CLASSIC has been designed especially for classical music with a lesser influence on conductor size and greater emphasis on conductor and material quality.


High Quality Rhodium Plated Connectors

POLKA CLASSIC is terminated with rhodium plated ‘Straight Line Contact’ GN-1 4mm plugs designed by Graham Nalty. These have been specially manufactured to ensure that Black Rhodium cables deliver the very best sound quality possible.

Black Rhodium Polka (speaker cable)


    • Silver Plated copper stranded conductors
    • Silicone rubber Insulation
    • British manufacture of core cable
    • Braided screen
    • Vibration damped along its whole length
    • Rhodium plated 4mm plugs designed by Graham Nalty

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