Waltz S connects your amplifier to your loudspeakers and lets you enjoy very clean and clear sound free of distortions.


Available in 3 metre and 5 metre lengths.


Design of the new Waltz S is based very closely on enhancing the sound of Quickstep S. What Quickstep S does well, Waltz S goes better.


Internally Waltz S uses a Black Rhodium winner of a national magazine ‘Loudspeaker Cable of the Year’ award, further enhanced by use of an effective metal screen to reduce external interference. It is covered by an attractive braid that is effective in damping micro vibrations in the cable that can reduce clarity.


Waltz S if fitted with Graham Nalty GN1 loudspeaker plugs. Plated in rhodium and featuring a single line connection with the socket, GN1 plugs are possibly the best speaker plugs for sound quality we know.

Black Rhodium Waltz S

    • 2 core twisted pair loudspeaker cable
    • Finished in attractive black absorbent braid
    • Diameter of cores 6.5mm
    • Capacitance between conductors for 3m length 91pF
    • Weight of 3m pair 610g 
    • Terminated in rhodium plated GN-1 plugs 
    • Rhodium plated spade termination available

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