Black Rhodium Announces The Launch Of The Waltz Loudspeaker Cables.

When Black Rhodium launched the Foxtrot and Quickstep loudspeaker cables during 2016, they were an immediate success and became two of the most popular products in the whole Black Rhodium range.


Their success was due in no small part to the way the cables removed the effects of micro- vibrations within the cable by their sound absorbent covering. The success of Quickstep meant that Black Rhodium had a serious challenge to determine how to follow Quickstep.


One option was to make a small change capable of improving sound quality with minimum extra cost and to offer this as a replacement for Quickstep at a slightly higher price. Two reasons determined against this, Firstly Quickstep was still selling well in its present format and secondly that Quickstep has been so well optimized for sound quality and value that there was no obvious upgrade.


The alternative option was to start with the highly engaging and musical sound of Quickstep and create a new product that will earn its own reputation of its own. To do this Black Rhodium added new technology to Quickstep’s basic design and tested many prototypes.

As a result of the new design chosen for WALTZ, the cable is about 50% heavier than Quickstep at 610 grammes for a terminated 3m pair.


The new Black Rhodium Waltz gives you all the attributes of Quickstep, but with so much more musical detail. Waltz brings new life to your music.

The special design features of WALTZ include:

  • Ultra low ‘Proximity Effect’ Magnetic Field distortion due to added inter-conductor

    distance due to attractive braid over conductor

  • Good flexibility

  • Mechanical Vibration Suppression Materials used in Construction

  • RFI noise reduction technology

  • GN-1 rhodium plated plugs

    Anti RFI screening

    WALTZ is fitted with a tightly braided metal screen to reduce the distortion effects of high frequency interference, together with the RFI filter technology used in the Quickstep and Foxtrot speaker cables, Additionally WALTZ is twisted along its length to further reduce RFI. This protects the signal wires from picking up radio frequency interference (RFI) generated from Radio, Wifi, Mobile Phones and even central heating systems.

    Low Transient Phase Distortion through Innovative Design.
    WALTZ gives a very clear diction of a singer’s voice and separates musical instruments superbly through a dramatic reduction of ‘Transient Phase Distortion’.‘Transient Phase Distortion’ is reduced by using thicker insulation than is usual in speaker cables, increasing the distance between conductors and thereby reducing the magnetic field seen in each conductor wire as a result of the magnetic field created by the current in the other conductor wire. A further increase in the distance between conductors is achieved by use of the attractive cable braid and this further reduces ‘Proximity Effect’ distortion.

  • By very substantially reducing this form of distortion, the music becomes clearer and more dynamic, with greater ambience and experience of the music’s emotional qualities.

    Mechanical Vibration Damping

    WALTZ construction includes the use of two separate and complementary materials that effectively damp Mechanical Vibrations within the cable without the expense of Vibration Stabilisers.

    High End Plated Connectors

GN-1 rhodium plated Straight line Contact plugs
WALTZ Loudspeaker cables are terminated with Graham Nalty Legacy Range GN-1

Straight Line Contact rhodium plated plugs.

Rhodium plating is applied to the GN-1 plugs to ensure a cleaner and less corroded contact is maintained between the plug and socket and its effect a much livelier and more exciting sound from the music.

Additional security of the connection between the cable and plug is provided by a set screw that clamps the outer insulation of the wire.

WALTZ is hand built at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby using selected components and materials with a proven record for sound quality enhancement as demonstrated in Black Rhodium’s range of high end cables.

Black Rhodium Waltz (speaker cable)

    • 2 core twisted pair loudspeaker cable
    • Finished in attractive black absorbent braid
    • Diameter of cores 6.5mm
    • Capacitance between conductors for 3m length 91pF
    • Weight of 3m pair 610g 
    • Terminated in rhodium plated GN-1 plugs 
    • Rhodium plated spade termination available

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