5-way loudspeaker


The flagship of the Academy Series is the grand culmination of extensive research and development undertaken by Chario Loudspeakers since they were founded in 1975. 




Canaletto’s wood is very sought-after and also used by high-end furniture and tailor-made piano manufacturers.


ASSEMBLING & QC  . 6 hours


Chario Serendipity

  • A Flagship in a Nutshell

    The Serendipity is a refined synthesis of all Chario's knowledge in material science and psychoacoustic research in a concept which is two-fold: To give the listener the illusion of being at the recording venue and to extract the environmental pressure changes in the recording, so the listener may sense the music like never before.


    To achieve this the negative room influence would need to be addressed. Sound is a combination of direct and indirect sound. Direct sound reaches our ears, bypassing any obstacles. Indirect sound reaches our ears after it's been reflected off obstacles like walls and furniture. Direct sound contains all the sound source information and is Chario's main focus.  


    Here are 2 examples how Chario has dealt with this matter in the Serendipity. The speakers would need to work in unknown environments, so in order to make them work, Chario use information known. 


    1: They mount the bass at the bottom of the cabinet. The distance between floor and loudspeaker is always known, so when bass is initiated into the room its predictable, regardless of setting.


    2:The distance between listening seat and speaker is often 2 - 4m away. Chario aim the high-frequency transducer, mounted in a reverse array with the midrange, directly at the listeners ears so delicate information is received intact and thus not lost to room reflections. 


    There are many details like isobarik bass loading, variable panel thickness, Hyper Exponential Hourglass port, Reversed Vertical Array, Silversoft Dome tweeters, Rohacell® woofers, Full ApexTM transducers, Polyring magnet structure, Neodymium magnets,Overlapping Points, WMTTM Alignment, SoundCap® capacitors, etc.....


    The Serendipity is a 5-way speaker using the Schroeder Frequency principle (where the frequencies between 80 - 250hz is produced by a single transducer), in a cabinet comprises 2 wood-types (real wood and high density fibreboard) which supresses vibrations induced by it's transducers. It is Chario's tour de force!