The first Chario product made in Corian®.  It is a composite material comprising 2/3 aluminum hydroxide (trihydrate) and 1/3 acrylic resin (polymethylmethacrylate). It's an “acrylic stone” that can be machined into any shape.




Corian® is resistant to direct sunlight which means its color remains intact over time. It's homogeneous throughout and can be easily restored after accidents like cigarette burns or ink stains. It is heat-resistant (average) and is is a beautiful translucent material.

Chario Belong S

  • This pushes the design envelop. The goal was to create a loudspeaker with an extremely rigid cabinet. Corian due to it's superior isotropic values was chosen to replace HDF (high densisty fibre-board) for the walls and walnut would continue to provide orthtropic values and be used for the top and bottom plates. The results are spectacular.

    There is a limited annual  production of 60 units!