Actual Redbook CD players have gotten rare due to a lack of real high-end mechanisms. Philips, the co-invetor of cd and the mechanism supplier, halted production some time ago. Companies have had to rely on dvd mechanism since which are not as good. But as cd declined and streaming took over, they weren't too worried either. This doesn't bode well for those seeking high audio quality.


ProJect, nevertheless are lucky that Philips had its development department in Vienna, nearby, where many CD players and mechanisms were designed. Moreso, the gentlemen who were part of this epochal invention have quietly continued development under their own brand, StreamUnlimited. Products are now available and ProJect are one of the first with Redbook standard playback cd players.


The CD Box DS2 T has been designed specially as a pure audio CD transport, adhering closely to the Red Book standard for bit-perfect conversion by a connected high-quality Digital-Analogue Converter.

Internally, the CD drive is mounted in a torsion-resistant cabinet, for added durability and smooth playback. Similarly, the Blue Tiger servo system from Stream Unlimited allows for real-time scanning with minimal jitter. Externally, the CD Box DS2 T benefits from a luxury slot mechanism, a high-contrast dot-matrix display and clearly-labelled controls.

The CD Box DS2 T was designed as a transport due to the increasing popularity of external DACs in hi-fi systems. By separating out the transport and conversion stages into different specialist products, the best possible sound-performance can be achieved. The CD Box DS2 T is the ideal choice for customers also interested in the DAC Box DS2 Ultra, the Pre Box DS2 Digital, or anyone who already owns their preferred DAC.


The CD Box DS2 is a premium CD player and Hi-Res DAC with four digital inputs, so it can function as both a CD player and a standalone DAC.

The CD Box DS2 is based on the popular CD Box DS2 T transport, with its four-layer suspended system, for maximum retrieval of digital information from a playing CD. However, for ultimate convenience the transport is paired with a high-fidelity DAC in the same box. The AK4490 DAC chip employed ensures every piece of information is effectively converted into a clean analogue signal for a detailed, musical experience. 

With four additional digital inputs, the CD Box DS2 is also a comprehensive standalone DAC. The USB input works with any computer operating system, and it offers high resolution file support up to PCM 32-bit / 384kHz and DSD256. The optical and coaxial inputs can be used with sources up to 24-bit / 192kHz. For added personalisation, the CD Box DS2 also offers digital filters to shape the sound to your liking; choose between five filters for PCM files and two filters for DSD.

The CD Box DS2 is effortlessly simple to use with the supplied remote or using the front-mounted control buttons, and for CD playback the dot-matrix display gives clear information. Connectivity is equally versatile, with two digital outputs and a fixed line-level RCA output for passing onto a pre- or integrated amplifier.  

With all this functionality in one compact box, the CD Box DS2 is capable of acting as the ultimate digital hub for any mid-priced hi-fi system. 

Like all other DS2 products, the CD Box DS2 is available in a variety of finishes, including with or without retro styled wooden side panels (read our FAQ for more information).

ProJect CD Box DS2 (tpt & player)

  • Supports: CD, CD-R, CD-RW And Hybrid-SACD
    Digital Outputs:  1x Coaxial (S/PDIF)
    1x Optical (S/PDIF)
    1x XLR (AES/EBU)
    Outboard Power Supply: 18V/1000mA DC
    Mains Voltage:  220 - 240V DC 
    Standby Power: < 1W
    Power Consumption: 18V/600mA DC
    Dimension (Incl. Sockets): 240 x 72 x 194mm
    Weight: 2.67kg
  • DAC: 1x AK4490 (32bit/768kHz; DSD256)
    Supports: CD, CD-R, CD-RW and Hybrid-SACD
    Digital Inputs: 1x USB B up to 384kHz /32bits
    1x co-axial (S/PDIF) up to192kHz /24bits
    2x optical (S/PDIF) up to192kHz /24bit
    Digital Outputs: 1x co-axial (S/PDIF)
    1x optical (S/PDIF)
    Analogue Outputs: 1x RCA Line
    THD: <0.001%
    Noise Floor: >97dbA
    Power Supply: 9V/2A DC; 110 - 240V/50, 60H
    Standby Power Consumption: < 1 watt 
    Dimensions: 206 x 71 x 200mm (Aluminium) 
    240 x 72 x 200mm (Wood)
    Weight: 1520g without power supply (Aluminium)
    1920g without power supply (Wood)