Although it does not look like it, your speaker cabinets move, induced by motion from its transducers. Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This unwanted motion is counter to high fidelity and a source of distortion. Spikes, alone, don’t solve this, in fact they aggravate it due to their hardness (lack elasticity).


Adding weight to the speakers cannot overcome vibrations (like a car with a hard suspension on a gravel road). Our solution is to attach the speakers to the stand with decouplers. Not only does this control motion and absorb vibrations but speaker and stand become one, which improves stability and fidelity considerably.

Low centre of gravity

Loudspeakers on stands are top heavy and a hollow metal stand is not ideal because:

1: It rings like a bell which is bad for sound &

2: Filling it with sand makes it unstable.

A stand should be acoustically inert, stable and possess a low centre of gravity.

Our Tri Base is a large equilateral triangle which is naturally strong & stable. But we wanted to offer options to improve its centre of gravity with weights which are:

1: heavy & safe (not lead)

2: widely available

3: Affordable

Our solution are weight-plates available from Gym shops world-wide. The weights need to counter the speaker, so 20kg (2 x 10kg) are fine, which fit on the underside of the tri base.

2-fold advantage

It improves fidelity and your investment because your speakers won’t easily fall over.

Brio Speaker Stand

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