• New Toroidal Transformer- was 300 VA, now 400 VA- 33% more
  • New Capacitors (Mundorf 125°C) approx. 200.000 µF – 50% more
  • new resistors
  • Energetic Tuning to harmonize


Long running pleasure:

The VALVET A4 monoblocks are currently the most potent power amplifiers in our line-up. Again, long term satisfaction, real value and reliability are key values. Those who own these power amplifiers can put any worries about amplification to one side for a very long time!

Performance and dynamic.

The A4 amplifiers are extremely quick, controlled and powerful. They don’t force themselves onto the music, but rather support its flow and the listener’s involvement.

The A4 monoblocks have an output of 55 watts per channel into 8 ohms. We believe that you will not feel the need for more power for a long time.


The A4 power amplifiers, in common with all other VALVET amplifiers, have an extremely stable power supply which gives them an excellent ability to deliver current, thus keeping even the most difficult speakers on the market on a tight leash.


The A4 monoblocks operate in Push-Pull Class A mode with just a single pair of transistors in the output stage. We believe that the common practice to employ several transistors in parallel required to produce a higher output is detrimental to the sound quality.


A 400 VA toroidal transformer, 8 ultrafast 15 A rectifier diodes plus >200.000 µF of filter capacitors guarantee excellent performance. No capacitor in the pure silver wired signal path. “JUST PURE MUSIC!”


A4 MKII: Classe-A mono power amplifiers, 2 x 55/90 watts, bFly Pro feet

A4e: Classe-A mono power amplifiers, 2 x 65/105 watts, external power supplies

Valvet A4 MK2 (power amp)


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